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Car-toon auto-centre use the latest car diagnostic tools from Snap On the UK leading car diagnostic tool manufacturer. ALL modern cars have an on board computer controller or an Electronic Control Unit (ECU). The engine management system is a sophisticated computer that is responsible and controls the car's airflow, fuel flow and exhaust flow in to the engine. By connecting our diagnostics computers to your car it will provide us with any fault codes and advise on their meaning.

We carry out a basic inspection and check the cars service records, check for fault codes in the ECU and take measurements from the engine sensors, and let you know our findings and what we can do to help.
When the fault code indicates a more extensive problem, or where basic diagnostics will be insufficient we will advise you of the reasons for this, any likely timescales and additional costs that maybe incurred to correctly find the fault and further advice we may be able to offer.

If the fault or result of our diagnosis indicates that your vehicle maybe unsafe to drive or that further damage may result from continued use, we will advise you of this also.

We will always keep you informed while your car is with us and will never carry out work without checking with you first.

Contact us today and to book your car in for your Diagnostic check and we can use our advanced technology to find the fault as soon as possible, in order to avoid costly bills.

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