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We can save you upto 50% on new exhaust systems

With our fully equipped garage and trained mechanics, we offer free exhaust inspections and carry out exhaust repairs. We can supply full exhaust systems for virtually any make of car or van.

At Car-toon we are committed to becoming Burnley's leading exhaust supplier. That is why we are keeping your costs down as low as possible and continue to provide our customers with the highest level of service and after care. This will ensure we become the first point of contact in Burnley for car exhausts.

Signs you might need your exhaust repaired /replaced
If you notice any of the following you should bring your car down to the garage for a free exhaust inspection and have it checked by one of our exhaust technicians;

Can you hear noises coming from your exhaust?

    Knocking /Rattling – A rattling noise may indicate there might be a loose brackets holding the exhaust system in place
    Roaring – a roaring noise could be a potential problem with the silencer or a hole in the exhaust system
    Popping – this could be a sign that the muffler or one of the pipes is leaking

Can you see fumes coming from your exhaust?

    Blue smoke – this could indicate a fault in the engine which is putting burnt oil into the exhaust system 
    White smoke – white smoke when first started is normal. If it continues, this could be due to an internal coolant leak and the white smoke is the result of burning antifreeze. If there are no water leaks underneath your car it could be a leaking head gasket or a crack in the engine.

If you are unsure if your exhaust has a fault then let one of exhaust technicians inspect it for free. We will advise / show you if there is a fault in the exhaust system.

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